GMC Sonoma

The big three auto makers have been in an all-out war in the sports truck marketplace. Ford’s Ranger and the Dodge Dakota have chalked up significant sales figures, but GMC hopes to make a charge with the 1998 Sonoma. Structurally unchanged from the 1997 model, the GMC Sonoma underwent a significant facelift in appearance and driver comfort. Continue reading

GMC Sierra

GMC’s all-new Sierra pickup strikes a commanding presence right up front, beginning with the traditional ruby red GMC logo centered on the large grille opening. While the 1999 model was engineered side by side with its counterpart at Chevrolet, the Sierra distinguishes itself by taking a different road with styling and content. Continue reading

Cadillac Seville

While most year-end car sales stories focused on the fierce battle between the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord to be the best-selling car in America for 1997, an equally intense struggle was taking place a bit higher up the automotive price bracket. Cadillac and Lincoln jousted all year for the best-selling luxury brand in the United States title, with some European and Japanese competitors not that far behind. Continue reading

Mazda B-Series Pickups

Although long known as durable, reliable compact pickups, Mazda trucks have never been celebrated for their stylish good looks. Even after Mazda stopped building its own pickups some years back and started marketing Ford Ranger clones, cosmetic differences between the two made the B-Series appear as the plain Jane stepsister. Continue reading