Anna,   as he prefers to be called, has been involved in the automotive business since the early 1970’s. A graduate of the American Automotive Institute in Canton, Ohio, he has an Associate Degree in Automotive Technology. For several years he owned and operated an alignment and repair shop in the Akron area, and was a Service Manager for a chain of tire stores in Canton/Akron. While working as a Service Manager, he began a series of “Powder Puff” clinics for women. These clinics were designed to familiarize women with the general workings of the automobile, under the principle of the power of knowledge when dealing with repair shops.

These clinics were featured in the National Tire Dealers and Retreaders Association magazine, attracting the attention of TRW Automotive. A worldwide leader in automotive parts manufacturing, TRW put him to work traveling the US and Canada, holding seminars on auto technology, management, and customer service. Another automotive leader, FMC Corporation hired him to do the same thing, utilizing their automotive repair equipment.

While working for these companies, Glen also wrote many technical articles for trade magazines such as Brake and Front End, Import Car, and others. He was a frequently requested speaker at trade shows such as the National Auto Dealers Association, National Tire Dealers and Retreaders Association, Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association and others.

While searching for a career change, one he could retire from, Glen looked into Driver Education. Working in Ohio for several years as a Licensed Instructor, he recently moved to California where he is also a Licensed Instructor. Glen has also been an ASE certified mechanic since the early 1970’s when certification began.

The car bug struck Hugo at an extremely early age. His first paying job, at the age of four, was directly related to automobiles. He earned a nickel a week ensuring that the garage door was open for his father’s Studebaker at the end of the each workday. A trip in the family doctor’s MGA sealed his fate at the age of seven. Hugo has grown up around sports cars, sports car enthusiasts and sports car publications, having first read Road & Track at the age of twelve, some 37 years ago.

Hugo’s first new car was a FIAT 128 four-door sedan. Hugo learned a great deal about how not to build cars from that purchase. He also learned a great deal about roadside repairs during his brief ownership of that car.

A bachelor’s degree in economics and a master’s degree in project management along with 27 years of employment in the Information Technology industry have allowed Hugo to view the automotive industry with a unique perspective, especially valuable as we move into the 21st century.

Hugo continues to associate with sports cars, as the owner of a Miata, sports car enthusiasts and has a voracious appetite for pursuing all things automotive.