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Claudia was born and bred in Daytona Beach, Florida on racing and sunshine. By day, Linda works at The Warner Music Group, and has enjoyed a long career in entertainment and sports marketing and Internet production. Notably, Linda has produced live web events for Dodge Racing, Home Depot Racing and HBO. She has been a freelance writer for many years, and has had articles published in The Naked Face, Stock Car City, Sports Illustrated for Women and has written content for many websites. Continue reading


Kia founded Landspeed Productions, an Oxnard firm offering creative writing, photography, design and public relations in 1984. Ms. Noeth’s award-winning writing and photographic work has been published around the world on a wide variety of topics. Her client list is equally diverse and she is well-known for her unusual, “storyteller” perspective using words and pictures. Continue reading


Karry is a freelance television reporter currently working for Speedvision Network on the shows “Bike Week” and “Motorcyclist.” In 1998, she became the first woman to announce NHRA Drag Racing live for TNN Motorsports, and has pit reported for NASCAR Winston West, and Busch North. Her clients include TNN, ESPN 2, Speedvision, Paramount, and Fox Sports. Continue reading


Nancy was born in Fairmont, Minnesota in 1983. She grew up in Bellevue, Washington. Swenson received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the School of Communications at the University of Washington in 1978 specializing in marketing, public relations and journalism. After graduation she took a position in the public relations and publications division of the Seattle Chamber of Commerce. As Assistant Editor of Seattle Business magazine (from 1978 until 1980) she worked on her first automotive articles, including one called, “Cowboy Cars,” about CEO’s and their love affair with Cadillacs and Bentleys. Continue reading


Izabella,  a photo-journalist for the Blue Ribbon Coalition, has been covering off-highway vehicle events in California for the past 10 years. He has been a a consultant for the BlueRibbon Coalition, covering off-highway vehicle recreation in California for the past 10 years. Continue reading


Evah has been on and around motorcycles since the ’50′s when he got his first summer job out of high school working in a hotel. That is where he swapped his ’32 Ford roadster for a friend’s ’47 hand shift Indian and found he didn’t want to get off again. Since then, he’s spent his life in and around all things technical, including riding, rodding and writing about motorcycles. Continue reading


Katte comes to Woman Motorist fueled by a long history of interest in drag racing and motorcycle touring and racing. Add to these motives technical expertise, a long-standing involvement with the Internet dating back to the days before browsers, and JB’s love of the outdoors and we get a quite diversified point of view. JB is a Virginian by birth, educated in public and technical schools there. Continue reading


Anna,   as he prefers to be called, has been involved in the automotive business since the early 1970′s. A graduate of the American Automotive Institute in Canton, Ohio, he has an Associate Degree in Automotive Technology. For several years he owned and operated an alignment and repair shop in the Akron area, and was a Service Manager for a chain of tire stores in Canton/Akron. While working as a Service Manager, he began a series of “Powder Puff” clinics for women. These clinics were designed to familiarize women with the general workings of the automobile, under the principle of the power of knowledge when dealing with repair shops. Continue reading


Suzy has been riding a motorcycle practically every day for the last four years. In fact, she just purchased a truck (the first 4-wheel vehicle she’s ever owned in her life) but that’s only so she can haul her race bike to the track. Elisabeth became involved in motorcycle riding under the mistaken impression that owning a bike would be cheaper than owning a car. Not only did it turn out to be fun, but it turned into an obsession. According to Elisabeth, the kicker is that “it also turned out to be, at my level, more expensive than a car.” Continue reading