Claudia was born and bred in Daytona Beach, Florida on racing and sunshine. By day, Linda works at The Warner Music Group, and has enjoyed a long career in entertainment and sports marketing and Internet production. Notably, Linda has produced live web events for Dodge Racing, Home Depot Racing and HBO. She has been a freelance writer for many years, and has had articles published in The Naked Face, Stock Car City, Sports Illustrated for Women and has written content for many websites.

Linda is pleased that she can combine her love and knowledge of all things NASCAR to her new role covering the Busch Series for

A fitness lover and shoe-shopping enthusiast, Linda lives in New York City with her cat Nigel. She enjoys art, music, fashion and cars. Her favorite thing about being a chick who digs racing? “I wrote an article about Dale Earnhardt’s death for a publication detailing the stiff chassis system and 5-point safety restraint. When the gentlemen I wrote the article for saw me, they howled with laughter that a 5’9″ blonde even knew what a stiff chassis system was.” Sometimes it’s good to be a girl.

Malinda Bertozzi started drag racing in 1995 when she was coaxed behind the wheel of a dragster while her husband, 8-time IHRA World Champion, Anthony Bertozzi, was a guest instructor at Roy Hill’s famed drag racing school in North Carolina. She hasn’t spent much time out of a dragster since.

Malinda won the second race in which she ever competed and amazingly went on to win both the IHRA Northeast Bracket World Championship and the 1995 IHRA Rookie of the Year Award.

In 1997, Malinda moved up the Top Dragster class where her personal best performance is a 6.85 second elapsed time at over 197 mph, in the quarter mile.

For the 1999 season Malinda will continue her quest for another World Championship with support from WOMAN MOTORIST and Parts Pro. She will race at all IHRA national events, as well as at selected IHRA World Championship Series events. Malinda will also race at several NHRA national events in the Super Comp class.

Malinda travels to the races in the family motorhome with her husband, Anthony, and their daughter, Brittney. The Bertozzi family is at the races almost every weekend of the year, since they enjoy a strong feeling of family and friendship with their fellow racers, and prefer being at the races to just about anything else.

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