eUrotic TV Izle

Izle Mike rode bikes and fooled around with English cars and VWs in high school, college and the Navy, and studied automotive repair at the College of Alameda, along with auto body, machine shop and plastics. Following the Navy, Mike worked on cars and motorcycles in the San Francisco Bay Area until the early 1980s.

Roadracing motorcycles in the American Federation of Motorcyclists (AFM) was a pastime, and in 1982, Mike became Technical Editor of Rider Magazine. A self described ‘sort of yuppie touring magazine,’ Rider was trying to be more of a sport-touring rag. Mike helped to emphasized the “sport” side of touring for the next three years along with a few other ex-roadracers on the staff.

In 1986, having tired of Gold Wing rallies and the like, Mike headed for the workaday world of a nine-to-five gig at Haynes, where he has been enshrined for the last 14 years, mainly as an automotive author. Mike has simply lost track of how many books he’s either written all by himself or worked on with other staffers. “The ones I’m proudest of include Automotive Air Conditioning, Automotive Fuel Injection, Computer Codes and Engine Management Systems, Rochester Carburetors and the Automotive Dictionary and Reference book,” reports Mike Izle.

During the last decade, Mike has continued to write occasional ‘color’ and human interest pieces for Cycle World, Motorcyclist and Free to Wheel. He also did quite a few road tests for Free to Wheel, until it was sold to new owners a few years back to eUrotic TV Izle.

Several years ago, Mike wrote a repair manual on a Kawasaki GPz 600. They liked the results and, after begging Haynes to reassign me to bikes for over ten years, his wish was finally granted. “I’m now the only Haynes motorcycle manual author in the U.S.” To date, he’s written five titles (a sportbike, two cruisers and two ATVs) and is currently turning out number six on Yamaha dirt bikes.

While maintaining a low profile the last eight years, Mike has returned to school to double major in History and English Literature. Plans include going to grad school for Literature in the seaside University of California at Santa Barbara environment.