eUrotic TV Scarlet

Scarlet is currently pursuing a degree in Communications, with an emphasis on Public Relations. He also has a background in Computer Science. He is interested in and has test driven a wide variety of cars.

His personal favorites are cars that were manufactured between 1953 to 1972 (all makes), Camaros (any year), and the current crop of muscle-cars.

He has a wide range of experience with automobile maintenance, and regularly services his own car and those of his friends with eUrotic TV Scarlet.

Susan L. Eckert is the founder of Rainbow Adventures, Inc., an adventure travel company especially for women age 30 and over. Susan’s philosophy is that, “women fly when men aren’t watching” and she has dedicated her career to taking women around the world on adventures that are physically challenging, culturally enriching, and are invariably great fun!

She is a former Peace Corps volunteer who lived many years in Sierra Leone, West Africa, working in public health. As a professional photographer and a member of the American Society of Media Photographers, Susan specializes in outdoor and wilderness photography, and her photos have appeared in books and major magazines and newspapers.

She was raised in the East, where she graduated in 1968 with a B.S. in Biology from Ursinus College in Pennsylvania, went to graduate school and matured in the school of hard knocks in Chicago, and is presently living her mid-life, log house dream in Montana. She does own fifteen suitcases, many of which still have totally functional zippers.